Sunday, August 19, 2012



In life sometimes we can't avoid that you feel so badly in need of changes...
It is suppose to changes for better self inside or outside.

Most the time, irony plays the big parts in our life..
When "I want to be ALONE means I badly need someone to CARE"
But real changes like a METAMORPHOSIS just happen no matter you like it or not, you know no matter how loud your heart screaming for helps and how scare you are to new things, you just need to let it happen.

It is inevitable.
It is permanent.
It is right now.

Best wishes to all people who are going through it.
You will get it if you are firm of your choice on what you want to be.

Monday, May 7, 2012

The soul of the Assam Tree 1983

The Assam Tree 1983- Expressionist

Painted on a gloomy day in Taiping which is famous as the Rain town in Malaysia.

The Assam tree or better known as Tamarind tree which famous of its having pale yellow flowers and long pods with small seeds embedded in an edible pulp which is main ingredients of the Tamarind sauce prevalent in many Asia and South East Asia cuisine.

But this painting is about the soul of Assam tree in a gloomy day without sunlight, how it branched out seeking out for the Sun.
The leaves of yellowish mixed with green, old and young leaves interwoven strongly portraying the characteristic of Assam tree.
The darker green at the back providing a good contrast with a Turquoise color sky.

Every time whenever you look at it you see something different in it as if the Assam tree is alive.

Questioning my way of life, the path I lie

This year has been a totally new experience to me, I learn to challenge myself to step out of comfort zone.
It might just be a baby step but at least I stop looking around but moving ahead.
Life might not be in the right track always yet I can't stop questioning myself what is the right track for me?
I haven't found love in life,or fortune like a hidden treasure or build a name in the world... I m confuse ...
I am no longer interested in something I used to think I 'll never give up on...
Why am I here ? Whats my purpose? Questioning my way of life, the path I lie ...
Walk life as every moment is special .

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

TIME fliessss

2011 already become history
2012 already 25 days pass
What have I accomplished?
I wonder.I been thinking hard.
Is time to do something BIG

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy happy when thinking of they give me a world i nvr owe,how they surprise my day with unexpectable turns and twist....they smell good and sexy to hold =) xD...
I have a secret.
A secret afflicted with books....I dream to be drowned by them....I addict to them strongly...